GreenKenosha to host first HarvestFestival at HarborMarket . . .

GreenKenosha, a community organization dedicated to environmental education, protection and sustainability, has announced it will host its first HarvestFestival@HarborMarket event on Saturday, September 18, 2010.

According to HarvestFestival organizer Maria Caravati, the event will feature workshops, exhibits and presentations covering many aspects of gardening, preservation of the harvest and other green topics for both novices and accomplished gardeners.
Among the featured exhibits/topics:

  • Composting, including vermicomposting (the use of various types of worms in your garden)
  • Indoor container gardening for fall and winter months
  • Fall soil preparation
  • Garden planning: “Where do I begin?”
  • Preparing garden-fresh meals, including tips for shopping the produce market
  • Preserving the harvest: canning, freezing and drying techniques

Additionally, Focus on Energy, a statewide program focused on energy efficiency and renewable resources, will offer tips and techniques for making your home more efficient and green.

Keep Kenosha Beautiful will be on hand with information about how easy it is to start a cleanup drive—school, workplace, or your own neighborhood—and to “Adopt a Garden” with your friends, family or co-workers. KKB will also have information on hand on other upcoming events, city recycling information, etc.

Finally, visitors will have a chance to meet representatives of Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful and learn of the benefits of rain barrels, an increasingly popular and ecologically smart way to capture, save and reuse rain runoff, allowing increased self-sufficiency and decreased reliance on conventional city-supplied water systems.

There is no admission fee for HarvestFestival.

Date: Saturday, September 18, 2010, 9:00am – 2:00pm
Location: 2nd Avenue between 55th and 56th Street, Kenosha HarborPark
Information: Maria Caravati, 262.620.3240 or


“The Garden Tent”

9:30 Home composting/vermiculture
10:30 Container gardening/ outdoor and indoor — learn how you can grow lettuces/herbs indoors in the winter
11:30 Kitchen gardens…. Design kitchen garden for Spring
12:30 Fall soil prep for new spring garden/ “where do I begin?”
1:15 Open Discussion

Harvest Preservation/Cooking Tent

9:00 Essentials for a garden kitchen pantry
10:00 Shopping and preparing a market breakfast
11:00 Food preparation demonstration by Alessandro Casalena, chef owner of Fuell +
12:00 Shopping and preparing a market lunch
1:00 Food preparation demonstration by Jennifer, chef owner of the Daily Dose

A Green Home Environment

  • Focus on Energy — tips and techniques for making your home more efficientand green.
  • Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful — learn of the benefits of rain barrels. Rain barrels will be on sale at this event
  • Keep Kenosha Beautiful — How to start a “clean up drive” and “Adopt a garden”

Visit our FaceBook page for daily event updates.

Green Kenosha Yard Sale


WHEN: Saturday, June 19th
8:00am till 2:30pm
WHERE: 60th Street South and
East of 8th Ave to the Lake

RECYCLE There will be a drop off site at the Southport Beach House parking lot where you can drop off your computers, electronics, printers for no charge (No Limit). We will also be collecting your old cell phones with chargers to donate to the Military serving overseas

For more information call
Kathy @658-3645

recycle, renew, reuse

Green Street Activities


  • 10:00 Re-potting plants/ GIveaway — Maria Caravati/ZinniaMaria
    The first 200 people will have the opportunity to experience recycling AND planting at the same time. Attendees will use newspaper pots, fill with soil and re-pot a vegetable or flower plant to take home and plant directly into ground or container. The promise of nurturing the plant required. Interactive workshop
  • 11:30 Container vegetable gardening — Kate Keener/The Green Wheel –
    Learn how simple it can be to grow your own vegetables in a container.
  • 12:30 Build living wall — Kate Field –
    Observe a demonstration of building ‘Living walls’ and how to create one inexpensively using recycled and re-purposed materials.

  • 1:00 Vermicomposting — Kate Jerome and Frederick Brookhouse –
    Observe these 2 experts creating compost using natures’ best source for building rich garden compost. Worms galore! Interactive workshop

  • 2:30 Perennial gardening — Kate Jerome –
    Learn some basic steps in perennial gardening such as selecting the right plants, planting, deadheading, dividing and general care. Interactive workshop

  • 4:00 Intro to Permaculture/Turfless Yards — Maria Caravati/ZinniaMaria —
    Learn how to create a balanced eco system in your garden using the Permaculture philosophy. This system goes hand
    in hand with creating a turfless yard without the hard physical labor of removing your sod.


Learn how to make 2 simple dishes using fresh ingredients from your garden from Chef/Instructor Chris De Santis of Intorno alla Tavola - Traditions in Regional Italian Cooking.

  • 11:00: A traditional Italian omelette, Frittata, made with fresh ingredients
  • 12:00 Summer-veggie pasta dish.

All fresh ingredients sponsored by the following vendors of HarborMarket which will be available during Bloomin’ Days on 6th avenue.

Mushrooms — Ray’s Stand
Eggs and onions — Curzio, Garlic and More
Asparagus — Riverwood Produce Farm
Fresh herbs — ZinniaMaria


The Green Kenosha committee has rallied almost 100 volunteers to man the 10 recycling receptacles for the 2 day Bloomin’ Days event. We are so proud of all of you!

Thank you Penny Schaubel for being the best Volunteer Coordinator in the world!

Remember to recycle, or better yet, bring your own reusable bottle. Filtered water available for re-fills at the Green Kenosha/Green
Street station (6th avenue A.)


  • 10:00 Re-potting plants/giveaway–Maria Caravati
  • 11:30 Container vegetable gardening–Kate Keener
  • 12:30 Build a living wall–Kate Field
  • 1:00 Vermicomposting — Kate Jerome and Frederick Brookhouse
  • 2:30 Perennial gardening–Kate Jerome
  • 4:00 Intro to Permaculture/Turfless yards–Maria Caravati

Green Street Exhibitors

  • Latent Energy Solutions LLC
  • Blind Dragon Tai Chi Studio
  • CEDAR Center for Environmental Education Demonstration and Applied Research
  • Clean Light Green Light
  • Conscious Gardening
  • EcoKids
  • Fiddlehead Yarns
  • Gateway Technical College Sustainability Programs
  • Get-Wired Communications
  • Green Street/Green Kenosha Information
  • Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary and Arboretum
  • Kenosha Bicycle Ambassadors
  • Kenosha Storm Water Utility
  • Project SOARR Kenosha–Supporting Opportunities in Advancing Renewable Resources
  • Spectrum Pest Control Eco-Tech LLC
  • The Green Wheel
  • WI League of Conservation Voters

Additional Information:
Blind Dragon Tai Chi Studio will do a Tai Chi and Judo demo at Green Street.

Gateway Technical College Sustainability Programs
Representatives from Gateway Technical College will be in attendance to answer questions about the Colleges programs in Geothermal, Wind, Torque, and Solar energy.
Locally owned and operated by Brent and Judith Towle.
Brent Towle has been in pest control since 1985. Brent performs all services and inspections. Which means, you will always get someone with the best training in the area. Brent is a Certified Master Technician, (highest score). He is also well respected by his peers, serving as the immediate Past President of the Wisconsin Pest Control Association.

Spectrum Pest Control has been offering green services since 1994. Only we did not call it green, we called it Eco-Tech.

Brent will be offering “Quick Courses on What’s Buggin’ You” You will learn about many of the common pest that impact our daily lives such as Carpenter Ants, Wasp/Hornets, Mice, Termites (yes termites are here) and how to know the difference between, organic, green and low impact chemicals. There will be many different insect displays for the kids to see. We will also help you
sort through all the hype of “going green”. Some synthetic chemicals are actually safer then natural. Do you know which ones? You will at Green Street.

Project SOARR Kenosha
Supporting Opportunities in Advancing Renewable Resources
Project SOARR Kenosha allowsYouth and Business to come together to protect our Renewable Resources.
This non profit organization trains our inner city youngsters the technical aspects of running their own business to reduce our use of national resources. Retired Seniors volunteer their skills to train young men and women to install solar energy systems in residential and business buildings. The result, a trained youth group with skills to make it on the own and energy users reducing their natural gas usage by 65%. Donations into the charity are returned back to other non profit agencies in the Kenosha community. Youth are then certified by Focus on Energy to install solar systems and Project SOARR then aids these technicians with job placement in a five state area.